Apple content stars Siri with a rock

Apple content stars Siri with a rock

Considering the increasing competition in the field of AI-powered virtual assistants, it's apparently Apple's glorified attempt to tell people once again how capable Siri is of assisting them in their everyday life.

While most of us are busy bossing Siri around, the voice assistant has managed to get its own movie titled, The Rock x Siri: Dominate The Day.

The movie will be the "dopest" and was made to "motivate you to get out there and get the job done", read the description posted along with the movie's poster on Johnson's official Facebook page.

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The film will premiere on Apple's YouTube channel on Monday. "I want you to watch it, have fun with it and then go LIVE IT", the actor wrote.

The above remark gives an idea as to how important the co-starer "SIRI" would have been to the main cast that it was cast with him.

A June 2017 survey by digital media and research company Morning Consult suggested that 19% of those who already own an Apple product, were interested in buying the HomePod, once it rolls out later this year. Well, it's a short film, and it would be a Tropfest victor if the "Object" for that year was Siri, or a Smartphone. Last month, Apple highlighted "Détour", a film French director Michel Gondry shot on the iPhone in partnership with Apple and in a decidedly more Apple style.