Beyonce's Parents Share Sweet Reactions to Twins Birth Announcement

Beyonce's Parents Share Sweet Reactions to Twins Birth Announcement

During the 19th Annual DesignCare on Saturday, Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles opened up about her new grandbabies and talked about how her daughter is adjusting to life as a mother of three.

Speaking of Beyonce and Jay Z's new arrivals, Tina said: 'We're very excited.

Tina said the family is "very excited" and "it's a wonderful experience".

In the original post, Bey only dropped the info that the twins were one month old on the day of her post (July 13).

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Somehow, the interesting picture went viral on the social media and, now, cyber citizens have successfully made a meme out of it. Fans photo bugged and uploaded pictures of the spirited couple while they distressed over groceries.

However, she refused to shed light on the decision process behind the children's names, saying we would have to wait to hear their significance.

The family's new additions also mean Blue Ivy, 5, has a new role within the growing family.

On Saturday, Tina posted a picture of poetry by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi, with the proud grandma explaining in the caption that her second granddaughter's gender-neutral name isn't "only lovely but logical". "She's a good big sister, she really is".

Beyonce and Solange's mother did not say whether or not Beyonce was also working on a future album, but she was happy to speak about the Hollyrod Foundation. "I'm just thrilled that they do this, and I'm excited about it, because it's my first [event for the organization]".