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Merkel tells voters: Brexit, French poll changed my view on Europe

Merkel tells voters: Brexit, French poll changed my view on Europe

"I made clear when I announced my re-election bid that I would run for four years", Dr Merkel said in an interview with ARD television on Sunday (July 16), 10 weeks before the national election.

Merkel's comments, made in a speech in the Baltic Sea resort town of Zingst two months before a federal election, underline her personal determination to deepen European integration if she is re-elected for a fourth term.

Social Democrat chief Martin Schulz lashed out yesterday (25 June) at Chancellor Angela Merkel, accusing her of "arrogance" as he sought to reverse his party's plunging popularity three months before general elections.

"It's also a question of justice among generations not to leave behind a dilapidated country, but rather to invest so that they have the same conditions as we do", Schulz told a crowd hours earlier at SPD headquarters in Berlin. "But Germany can do more", Schulz, whose SPD is the junior party in Germany's coalition government, said in the introduction of his ten-point-plan for a modern Germany and a better Europe, Reuters reported. The challenge to increased investment consists of bureaucratic barriers to allocating funds, she said, requiring accelerated planning processes.

"At this point we can't spend the money that we have", Dr Merkel said. He had signaled in an interview that Germany must help resolve the imbalance by promoting domestic demand through increased spending.

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Modi also thanked everyone for the implementation of the GST, calling it a "shining example of co-operative federalism". This is the second time that the Prime Minister has taken a tough stand on cow vigilantism.

Mrs Merkel also used the interview to defend her record on migration.

Right now it looks as if Merkel will remain chancellor after the election, but Martin Schulz should look to Britain if he wants to take the top spot.

Schulz, the former European Parliament President, is hoping to beat Merkel in a September 24 election but his centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) have lost momentum in the polls after gaining at first following his nomination in January.

Angela Merkel has defended Sunday the choice of a large city like Hamburg for the holding of the recent summit of the G20, despite criticism of which she is the object after the violent events in the margins of the meeting. "But Germany can do more".