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Airline worker tracks down cancer patient's bag, delivers it

Airline worker tracks down cancer patient's bag, delivers it

Just when we thought people were selfish and cared only about themselves, a Southwest Airlines employee proved us wrong when she went out of her way to find a cancer patient's lost bags with valuable mementos and medications.

Stacy was desperate to locate the missing luggage and called the SouthWest Airlines customer service desk, where she was connected with 27-year-old Sarah. She was anxious it wouldn't arrive in time for her chemotherapy appointment the next day. However, the mom of two's suitcase was on her original plane and due to issues, the Southwest flight was canceled and her belongings were stuck in Nashville. The luggage, however, arrived after the last courier left for the night.

"That experience, that note gave me the boost I needed to go (to chemotherapy) that day", Hurt said. "My world was rocked".

A rep with the airline assured the woman that they would do everything they could to deliver her bag as soon as possible.

"At that point, I started to cry and get very emotional", says Hurt, who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer three years ago on her 44th birthday. When you have cancer and you have chemo, this is the toughest thing ever'.

Southwest worker Sarah Rowan took the call and knew she had to help. "I can't believe it", Stacy said. "I wanted her to get [her items] so badly".

Rowan told Hurt that she would keep track of her luggage, but if it did not arrive before 1:30 a.m., it would likely miss the last courier. But the luggage came just in time, because Rowan was still there. Sarah couldn't get the bag to the airport any faster, but when it landed at the airport in the middle of the night, she did something incredible.

For some, this would be an inconvenience, but for this cancer patient, it was panic-inducing because the bag contained the "good luck" items that Stacy brought with her to each and every chemotherapy session.

"My father passed away from effects of chemo, so I know in that situation things aren't easy", Rowan said. Inside her bags were medications used to help treat nausea associated with her chemotherapy treatments.

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In the morning, Hurt awoke to find her suitcase on her doorstep, with a sweet note inside.

Then she opened it up and found a note, which Sarah had personally written on tissue paper.

"I was bawling, it was so overwhelming", Hurt recalls.

"Highlands '08 alum Sarah Rowan 'epitomizes everything good, '" the school district posted to its Facebook page Friday.

Stacy Hurt and Sarah Rowan met for the first time at Pittsburgh International Airport.

"Being in the presence of her handsome spirit was awesome", Hurt says.

"She's a true angel from heaven, she made a huge difference in my life, and I can't thank her enough", the woman tells WPXI. "I mean it, from the bottom of my heart". "Stacy is just a ray of sunshine", she says of her new friend.

She has since been able to thank Ms Rowan personally over social media.