'Atlas Rises' update features story improvements, portal travels

'Atlas Rises' update features story improvements, portal travels

It's been one year since No Man's Sky first came out, and Hello Games has been quietly working on a big update meant to address some of the biggest complaints regarding the game (of which there were many).

For one thing, there's now much more story in the game, to the tune of 30 hours of new content. Today, with the arrival of the update's patch notes, we're finding out a lot more about Atlas Rises.

In addition to the new story, Atlas Rises also improves navigation between planets and systems, increases the variety of planetary biomes, adds giant, crashed freighters to planet surfaces, introduces a new mission system, adds depth to the trading system, upgrades the Analysis Visor, overhauls the UI and opens up terrain editing with the Multi-Tool. A new interdimensional race have appeared, ancient portals have activated, and there's more depth to the lore and interactions in the game, letting you uncover the background to the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, Sentinels and more. With all the new features, however, the biggest aspect of this update is likely the additions to No Man's Sky's story mode.

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We're also seeing the beginning stages of a multiplayer system being put into place with Atlas Rising. Visualised by unusual floating orbs, up to 16 players can see and communicate with one another, and explore the universe together. While Hello Games admits that "interaction with others is now very limited", you can still communicate with one another through proximity-based VoIP.

While No Man's Sky was a disappointment at launch but, it is good to see that Hello Games is supporting the game and are including the features that were originally promised. If you've been looking for a reason to jump back into the controversial universe simulator, there are about a dozen in the new Altas Rises update.

The full patch notes can be found on the No Man's Sky website. The update has already gone live on both PlayStation 4 and PC, so if you're a lapsed No Man's Sky veteran, be sure to give it a look.