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Changes to NY's medical marijuana program being considered

Changes to NY's medical marijuana program being considered

New medical marijuana policies could be coming to New York State in the coming months.

The state of NY is about to make it easier for patients to get medical marijuana products.

If these guidelines are adopted New Yorkers would see a few changes to the current medical marijuana setup.

Under the new regulations, the DOH is also loosening restrictions on advertising at dispensaries and "clarifying laboratory testing methods".

The objective in adding five more to the existing five dispensaries is to increase accessibility to medical marijuana, alleviate the cost burden on patients by encouraging corporate competition and create more marijuana products, Department of Health spokesperson Howard Zucker wrote in a release.

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Potential patients, meanwhile, will now be able to enter dispensaries to speak to representatives about the products once the new rules take effect.

Officials hope some rule changes will improve program experience for patients, practitioners, and manufacturers.

Vireo Health of New York CEO Ari Hoffnung commended the department for the updated regulations. That will kick off a 30-day public comment period, after which the Health Department can officially adopt the rules.

As of August 8, 2017, there were 26,561 certified patients and 1,155 registered practitioners participating in the program.

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, which was one of five additional medical marijuana companies that were recently licensed to operate in NY, could not be reached for comment.