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China says United States destroyer in South China Sea violated its security

China says United States destroyer in South China Sea violated its security

Asked to comment on the challenges PLAN faces in the South China Sea, in particular those posed by the U.S. Navy, commanding officer of Yulin Captain Hu Luyang said it was fine for the American Navy to patrol the area in the worldwide waters.

"This clearly shows just who doesn't want to see stability maintained in the South China Sea, and who is the biggest factor in pushing the 'militarization" of the South China Sea".

Donald Trump has also impacted on US-China relations with his insistence that Beijing rein in North Korea.

China said in July that its navy had the right to pass though a strait linking it with the Pacific Ocean, after one of its warships entered the area.

Although China opposes inclusion of the sea disputes in global conferences, partly to prevent the U.S. and other Western governments from intervening, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Japan's new top diplomat, Taro Kono, expressed concern over aggressive actions in the waters.

At the closing ceremony last Monday, President Duterte called for the swift conclusion of an agreement to set up a free trade bloc that groups together the ten ASEAN nations with China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

China's Foreign Ministry accused the US Navy of breaking "international laws" in a statement released this afternoon.

Defending the first Chinese overseas naval base against accusations that it was created to amplify China's growing influence, Liang said it will act as a logistical center and support anti-piracy, United Nations peacekeeping operations and humanitarian relief missions in the region.

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The destroyer passed within 12 nautical miles of both land features, according to Reuters, in a "freedom of navigation operation" or FONOP, whereby the USA shows China it doesn't respect its maritime claims in the South China Sea.

In a joint statement after a meeting Monday of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Australian and Japanese counterparts, the three officials "expressed serious concerns over maritime disputes in the South China Sea".

On Sunday, China and Asean Foreign Ministers adopted a framework of the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea, said Geng, noting that all parties affirmed the positive situation in the South China Sea and highly appreciated the early cooperation results, such as the China-Asean senior diplomats hotline.

At a time when China and South-East Asian countries have agreed to solve and manage the South China Sea issue through bilateral talks and to avoid influence by non-regional forces, the United States behaviour shows that Washington wants to maintain its presence in the region, instead of solving the issue, Zhou said.

"In other words, from our side - from our side we find no objection", Abella added. Ongoing tensions in the South China Sea, on the Chinese-Indian border and on the Korean Peninsula will continue to produce new avenues of friction.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer undertook the "freedom of navigation" mission to challenge China's claim to the territory.

All or parts of the islands and territorial waters in the South China Sea are disputed by China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Brunei. According to the ruling, the disputed Spratly Islets are not an exceptional economic zone.

This amounts to an explicit recognition that the Philippines is toeing China's line as ASEAN's chair.