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MP madarsas told to hoist tricolour, send celebration photos

MP madarsas told to hoist tricolour, send celebration photos

In Mau, District Madarsa Management Association chief Arshad Nomani said that the UP government's order casts aspersions on the integrity and sincerity of madarsas whereas these institutions played an important role in the Independence movement of the country.

As apparent through the image of the order shared by News Agency ANI, the Parishad has also outlined the events which should be organized on August 15 after the unfurling of the national flag. As per the notice the unfurling of national flag and recitation should be organized at 8:00 am followed by programs at 8:30 am. The nation would be on high alert during the Independence Day celebrations.

"Madrasas and their teachers have made contribution in India's freedom struggle". A cultural program on national unity and sports events will follow then and the program will end with sweet distribution.

At present, around there are 8,000 recognised madrasas in UP of these, 560 are fully aided by the state.

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Sources said the decision to videograph the events was taken after allegations that some madrassas didn't follow procedures on previous Independence Day celebrations.

This is for the first time in state's history that madrasas have been directed to organise more programmes than just hoisting the national flag and reciting national anthem. While photography has been done in the past, videography will be done for the first time this year.

"I am not aware of the past, but ever since I took over, this has been the practice, " board chairman Prof Syed Imad Uddin, who was appointed in February 2016, told The Indian Express. The programme should be concluded by candies distribution among the students.