OJ Simpson's Infamous White Bronco Will Be Featured on 'Pawn Stars'

OJ Simpson's Infamous White Bronco Will Be Featured on 'Pawn Stars'

Gilbert took the vehicle, which he's kept locked away for 22 years, to History Channel's Pawn Stars for an episode that will air Monday.

The white Ford Bronco used during the infamous 1994 O.J. Simpson police chase will be featured on the August 14 episode of History's "Pawn Stars". Per the report, Simpson's former agent Mike Gilbert, who now owns the Bronco, wants to get more than $500,000 for the embattled vehicle.

According to USA TODAY Sports, the vehicle will appear on an August 14 episode on the History channel.

Gilbert wants $500,00 but the outlet reports that the show's host, Rick Harrison, has never paid higher than $128,000 for an item.

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Harrison said the Bronco is in "amazing shape". The "slow-speed" chase, which lasted 90 minutes, ended with the car's owner/driver Al Cowlings and Simpson returning to the former National Football League star's home to surrender to the police.

Simpson was granted parole in June after serving nine years in prison for participating in an armed robbery. Cowlings drove Simpson during the chase, five days after the murders of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Rob Goldman.

TMZ reported last month that someone offered Gilbert $250,000 for the Bronco, but he declined.