Prison for dabbing: Saudi entertainer locked up for 'inciting drug abuse'

Prison for dabbing: Saudi entertainer locked up for 'inciting drug abuse'

It was first pulled off by Atlanta rapper Skippa Da Flippa in his 2014 video 'How Fast Can You Count It, ' and it later became popular on the internet. The Saudi Interior Ministry's National Commission for Combating Drugs recently banned the dance move because they believe it references marijuana use.

According to BBC News, celebrity Abdallah Al Shahani performed a dab while performing at a music festival in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

After a video of Al Shahani performing the dance move began circulating, the performer apologized on social media, saying that he had performed it "unintentionally and spontaneously".

The Saudi police arrested a young singer after he dabbed during a music contest that took place in the city of Taif.

Al Shahani has since profusely apologized for briefly inserting his face into the crook of his elbow. "Accept my apology", the message read.

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Following the criticisms Saqer also tweeted an apology for the move showing his "full support" for the country's war on drugs.

Social media reacted strongly to his dabbing, with some users agreeing with his decision to dab, while others criticized it.

"This move has an obvious negative influence on people, no matter what his explanation is, it's unacceptable". And the excuse is not convincing, In this way any move that offends peeople we can just call "spontaneous".

"Even though the anti-drug authority banned this move and warned people not to perform it, this contestant is promoting it at a public festival! Does he think he's challenging authorities with these actions?" Rabeh Sager, another Saudi singer, previously dabbed during his performances.