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The US urges Latin American powers to isolate North Korea

The US urges Latin American powers to isolate North Korea

"But since friends have to tell each other the truth, I have told Vice President Pence that the possibility of a military intervention shouldn't even be considered, neither in Colombia nor in Latin America", Mr Santos said.

CARACAS, Aug 16 -A new poll has found that around 86 percent of people in Venezuela are against worldwide military intervention that would remove the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

"I spoke at length about this heartbreaking situation on Sunday night in Colombia and I stand with the president and I stand by those words", Pence announced.

Pence and second lady Karen Pence were scheduled to meet with South American leaders from August 13-18. Clearly stating U.S. resolve to ensure a peaceful and denuclearized Korean Peninsula, Vice President Pence called on President Bachelet to consider taking additional diplomatic and economic steps to maintain pressure on the Kim regime.

The country, U.S, had also not ruled out military option.

"Venezuela is a mess", said Trump.

Santos has told Pence that no Latin America country would accept any form of USA military intervention in Venezuela and that it should never even be considered.

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"But the president sent me here to continue to marshal the unprecedented support of countries across Latin America to achieve by peaceable means the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, and we believe it is achievable by those means". "And we're also praying that in America we will not allow the few to divide the many". Those include invasions, gunboat diplomacy and the propping up of military dictators.

The sanctions were in response to their establishment of a new loyalist body, an all-powerful Constituent Assembly, that supersedes the legislature controlled by the opposition.

Vice President Pence will return to the United States early from his visit to South America, according to Pence's communications director Jarrod Agen.

Mr Pompeo told Fox News Sunday that Venezuela "could very much become a risk" to the USA if it descended into further chaos.

CORNISH: Meantime, this administration has had some very serious rhetoric on trade and protecting USA workers. "I've said it over and over again". Shipments to the United States - its biggest customer - account for 40 percent of its crude production, but only eight percent of U.S. oil imports.

More than 120 people have been killed since anti-government protests began in April, driven by outrage over Venezuela's economic crisis and Maduro's creation of a legislative superbody that critics say is dictatorial.