Destiny 2 servers down

Destiny 2 servers down

Bungie is aware of the problem, and has stated that investigations into the issue are still ongoing.

Many players replied to that post to complain that they wanted to know when it would be rsolved, and to ask for free subscriptions to the service in recompense.

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As the issue is still occurring, Destiny 2 will remain offline until the error has been corrected.

Some players receive a "lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers" message when selecting the character they wish to play as. These include non-Fireteam leaders not being allowed to skip in-game cinematics while leads can skip these. There are also Destiny 2 bugs with the user interface. Bungie did warn on release day that server queues and issues were likely to happen, telling fans: "During periods of high traffic, players may encounter the Destiny server login queue". An all-new, community-oriented feature to be implemented in Destiny 2 rolling out shortly after launch is the ‘Guided Games system to help players find like-minded groups to experience some of Destiny 2s most challenging activities. With the game officially out, you may be curious as to the various classes available in the Destiny sequel. According to the developer, this is intentional and will be addressed after a few days of launch. Playstation Network as such is not down and I successfully logged out and back in again into the PSN account that I use to play Destiny 2 on and still couldn't get into the game. While not now available on PC, a version for the platform will be available from October 24 2017.