Skyrim Special Edition - Survival Mode is now available in beta form

Skyrim Special Edition - Survival Mode is now available in beta form

If you're interested in checking out what it has to offer, you can simply opt into the Steam beta mode on PC or wait until October when Creation Club and Survival Mode additions are added to the game for console players.

New features include hunger, fatigue, temperature, and a lock on fast travel. Players will need to think about these new aspects when staying alive in Skyrim. Cooked food restores more hunger than uncooked food, and if you eat raw meat, you may contract Food Poisoning. You can warm up by standing near a fire, eating hot soup, or moving to a warmer location.

Being included in the update numbered 1.5, it's being considered the most hard way to take on the game, with challenges that aren't usually available within the general game, along with more realism to make you work to stay alive. How cold you get is affected by the Warmth rating of your clothing and armour.

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Because Skyrim's dragons and dead guys were never quite tough enough, the game is now adding something more unsafe: weather and hunger.

You no longer regenerate health. Leveling up will be accomplished through sleeping rather than in real time, while new diseases and afflictions will appear with shrines that will require a gold offering in order to cure diseases. This certainly ups the micro-managing aspect as this will certainly aim at the hardcore audience of the game.

That last point leads us nicely into the fact that Survival Mode is part of Bethesda's controversial Creation Club, and is being advertised as "free for one week".