Whatsapp Now Has PIP Video Calling And Texts Status Updates

Whatsapp Now Has PIP Video Calling And Texts Status Updates

The PIP feature on WhatsApp on Android O also lets users mute their microphone. Also, it is not confirmed if the feature will work when the user switches to another app during the video call session.

Now you can post text-only updates to your status and they'll be visible for 24 hours.

The PIP mode on WhatsApp works the same way as the feature on Google Duo does that allows users to stay on the video call regardless of doing other things on the smartphone.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp has always tried new possibilities to make their messaging platform attractive by adding new capabilities and improving its existing features.

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The PiP (Picture in Picture mode) allow users to resize the video calling window and drag it anywhere on the screen while availing multitasking at the same time. Additionally, users will be able to set texts as status messages on the app. Thie new features will be available on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

WhatsApp has been steadily pushing out updates and making announcements, the most recent being a renewed push toward enterprise customers. It is different from the profile text status. However, these text-only statuses also adhere 24 hours of visibility. You tap the pencil icon in the Status tab, type what you wish and pick a background colour or font of your liking. The text status works like the photo or video status.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is looking out to expand its platform and make the messaging platform more constructive and productive. This tool will basically help businesses - especially small and mid-sized to boost productivity. This enables you to focus on both apps side by side.

Commenting on the new venture - WhatsApp for business the company promises to keep the chats between businesses and consumers absolutely end-to-end encrypted.