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Budget 2018 To Be Revealed This Afternoon

Budget 2018 To Be Revealed This Afternoon

But the Value-Added Tax rate on tourism enterprises remains fixed at 9%, something welcomed by Senator Maria Byrne, who said this will "help protect jobs and create further employment".

-50 cent increase on standard pack of cigarettes.

The point at which the higher rate of income tax applies to a worker will rise by €750 per year.

The Sugar Tax has now been announced.

Mr Donohoe pledged €1.83bn his being allocated to housing in 2018 - a move which will see 3,800 new social units to be developed by local authorities and approved housing bodies.

The entry rate to USC has not changed - and remains in place for people who earn more than €13,000 per year.

Spending on health has been increased by €685m, bringing total funding to nearly €15.3bn for 2018, reflecting an nearly 5% increase, the minister said.

And the second USC rate which was previously 5 per cent will drop to 4.75 per cent.

Also, people who use a company vehicle which is electric will enjoy a 0% benefit-in-kind rate.

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The health service will get a 685 million euro budget increase bringing its total to 15.3 billion.

The vacant site levy, due to take effect from 2019, will increase from 3% to 7% in 2020.

He pledged 1,800 new staff across front-line HSE services.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said there would be "no fireworks" and no "big bonanza" as Budget 2018 was unveiled today.

He said that increased spending in health and education will allow for more doctors, nurses and teachers. It's expected USC will be slightly reduced, while welfare benefits and pension payments will be raised slightly.

Ireland's finance minister sought to raise over 800 million euros in extra revenue in a budget on Tuesday to give taxpayers a "modest" break and help tackle a housing crisis.

For the self-employed, the earned income credit will increase by €200 (£178), bringing it to €1,150 (£1,128) per year from next year.

The home carer tax credit is to increase by €100 (£89) this year to €1,200 (£1,073) per year.