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Catalonia crisis: Spain pushes for unity on national holiday

Catalonia crisis: Spain pushes for unity on national holiday

"(Puigdemont's) first reaction has been to insist on establishing a "bilateral dialogue" with Spain with "no prior conditions"; backpedalling on independence would only lead to an even bigger disappointment within the secessionist camp", he said in a note Wednesday.

However, y did not apply for a chance to negotiate with Madrid.

This requirement is a necessary step before triggering Article 155 of the constitution, which would allow Madrid to suspend the region's political autonomy. Rajoy accused the Catalan leader of engaging in an exercise of "deliberate confusion", one that was intended, Madrid believes, to reduce the possibility of Rajoy invoking Article 155.

He affirmed Catalans have nothing against Spain, but also said that the relation is unsustainable after years of grievances by their authorities.

Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution allows the central government to take some or total control of any of its 17 regions if they do not comply with their legal obligations. Opponents of independence have largely boycotted referendum.

M - Spain is preparing to celebrate its National Day amid a continuing political crisis sparked by Catalonia's disputed independence referendum.

The Catalan crisis has deeply divided the region itself as well as the Spanish nation. His speech, however, was ambiguous.

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Catalan officials say nearly 90% of voters backed independence with a turnout of 43%. They have warned they may break with the governing coalition in the regional parliament if they think he is reneging on his independence pledge.

Here is the status of the standoff between the affluent, industrial region of Catalonia and the central Spanish government in Madrid.

The Catalan leader, who commands only a slim majority in the Catalan parliament, had come under intense pressure from moderates in his ranks to try to avoid giving Madrid reasons to announce direct rule.

The European Commission has said it supports efforts to promote unity in Spain and again called for full respect for the constitutional order in that country. To look for dialogue.

Speaking later Wednesday, Pedro Sanchez, leader of Spain's opposition socialist party, urged Puigdemont to "be black-and-white" about whether independence had been declared.

The influential business community has indicated its unhappiness with the prospect of independence under current circumstances, Catalonia's two major banks, CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell, energy giant Gas Natural and the company that provides Barcelona's water have all decided in recent days to move their headquarters to other parts of Spain because of a desire to stay within the EU.