Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a refined version of Dust2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a refined version of Dust2

For Counter-Strike players old and new, Dust II is something special.

The announcement for the revamped Dust2 map came from the official CS:GO Twitter account, saying that the map would be "updated, refined" when re-released.

Valve made the announcement via a tweet. The last game update was October 5, which consisted of small, additional changes to the molotov-smoke bug fix.

Most of the changes are visual-Valve has quadrupled the texture resolution and changed the art style, opting for a lighter colour palate and a more obvious North African feel, with signs for a Kasbah (basically a fortress), a bazaar and a hotel.

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While none of the impending changes to the design and structure were shared, the developer did give a slight preview of the spawn location for the Terrorist side. The time frame of the beta drop is still unclear, but it's very likely that it may arrive in the coming weeks.

Dust 2 has been out of CS: GO's Active Duty rotation since February.

As noted on the Counter-Strike website, the main goals for the Dust II rework center around improving player readibility throughout the map, refining movement and cover, and upgrading the visuals to be more in line with CS:GO's more recent map releases. The map was pulled from the game's competitive map pool in Feburary. Until then, players can enjoy the current version of Dust 2.