Facebook Owned Oculus Acquires Eye-tracking Software Startup, The Eye Tribe

Facebook Owned Oculus Acquires Eye-tracking Software Startup, The Eye Tribe

"With Oculus for Business, more people will get the chance to try VR and experience the magic first-hand".

The Oculus Go features a single "Fast-Switch" LCD screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is higher than the combined resolution (2160×1200) of two OLED panels used in the Oculus Rift. Two positionally-tracked tracked controllers for the headset were shown off on Wednesday, with Facebook also announcing that it'll be available to developers next year.

The new lightweight headset is called Oculus Go and is created to be more effective than the rival Samsung Gear VR, but not as expensive as Oculus Rift itself.

Mr. Zuckerberg, though, remains convinced that VR will evolve into a technology that reshapes the way people interact and experience life, much like Facebook's social networks and smartphones already have. As Oculus VR's new headset is powered by Qualcomm's mobile chipset, the device will not need to link to a smartphone or PC to enjoy a virtual reality experience. At its annual developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg hit the stage to unveil the Oculus Go. Oculus, the pioneers in the field of VR, is now owned by Facebook; with its VR team headed by former Google and Xiaomi executive, Hugo Barra. However, if you want, to listen to the audio privately, you can do that by connecting your earphones or headphones using the 3.5mm audio port on the Oculus Go. While the headset is a standalone product, developers who are making apps and games for the Samsung Gear VR (which uses Oculus tech) will be able to port those apps to the Oculus Go.

You can think of the Oculus Go as a standalone Gear VR. To this end, the company also announced Oculus for Business bundle. There is, however, no release date for the Santa Cruz motion controllers.

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But apart from these developments, the social juggernaut demonstrated a range of new software and hardware features as the company strives to build its clout in virtual reality space.

The company announced a permanent price cut on Rift and Touch combo, dropping the same to $399 in the US. The headset was then known under the code name "Santa Cruz".

Oculus also showcased its new Rift 2.0 interface that's designed around touch and motion control. The company claims that it is the industry's first VR headset with full inside-out tracking, and all of this is made possible without any external sensors or wires.

Thor will be the latest in the cast of playable characters for Marvel Powers United VR, launching for Rift in 2018. If you are using a headset somewhere you feel safe, such as at home or in a vehicle, perhaps, VR can make you vulnerable.

The company is also promising to make improvements to avatars themselves.