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IN Focus: Carson discusses gun control debate, Puerto Rico response

IN Focus: Carson discusses gun control debate, Puerto Rico response

It takes six months in America to get an X-ray, but you can buy an AR-15 immediately.

The debate over gun control has sparked up following the Vegas massacre, and Mongeon expects a bigger crowd because of it. When tragedies like this happen I hope that as a country we will be able to come to a consensus on sensible gun reform to lower the chance that this will happen again.

Some gun control advocates praised the NRA for showing some flexibility. The problem with that is pro-gun legislators are also the same group of people in Congress that have continued the push to gut health care.

"This is not anti gun owner, this is about holding gun dealers accountable", said Mark Walsh of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Congress should have the guts to craft and pass legislation that bans the sale and possession of gun stocks.

We have to talk about it now because the people that are telling us to not talk about it are depending on us moving on to the next news story so that we never end up talking about it. We should make the same decision about assault rifles and other automatic weapons that have no legitimate sporting objective. But a thing that turns a semi-automatic into a machine gun?

But despite Democrats' apparent willingness to restrict the legislation to the bump stock ban, the NRA and some in Congress think the issue can be addressed without legislation if ATF reversed rulings made during the Obama administration that confirmed the devices were legal.

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Well I can't see atoms either, but if you ask the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they're pretty familiar with their existence. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging race, the problem is when you add bogus and racist attitudes to your observations.

However, Paddock did not use automatic weapons.

Investigators remain largely in the dark about what drove Paddock, a retired real estate investor and high-stakes gambler, to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The four countries with the next-most mass shootings only had 54 combined. They normally tend to search for facts such as possible motives, whether the suspect is psychologically stable and how the individual obtained his or her firearm (s).

Her remarks are part of a growing bipartisan chorus of calls to take a step in the direction of regulating guns in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. The left hears it and thinks of a gang drive by. What use are all those gun controls there?

For weapons enthusiasts, the gun show likely has what one needs, but its main focus is with firearms and accessories for them. Then they lie and claim it is the American gun lobby claiming they want to confiscate guns.

Carlson asked Painter to provide further specifics: "How many weapons in what period of time should trigger a visit to your house from authorities?" Of the major mass shootings in this country in the last decade, a good many were jihadists and the rest were mentally ill young men.

And please, NRA members, donate money to the victims and survivors of mass shootings in addition to the NRA.

Indeed, some will get around whatever regulations the government might devise. If it weren't a gun, it could have been a bomb.