Injustice 2 Enlists The Atom in New DLC Content

Injustice 2 Enlists The Atom in New DLC Content

To create hype for the Atom's appearance in Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere next week, NeatherRealm Studios revealed the first gameplay teaser for the shrinking character during CW's Chasing the Cup: Injustice 2 tournament. Interactive Entertainment, the sequel to the hit 2013 video game Injustice: Gods Among Us continues the storyline, with Batman and his allies working toward putting the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who want to restore Superman's regime.

There's still no release date for the Atom character, but he will be coming out very soon. The game is currently available for PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One, with DLC characters Red Hood, Sub-Zero, Starfire and Black Manta available now. The newest character joining the roster is none other than Atom. In fact, Raiden, the second fighter of the second expansion is yet to arrive for players who do not own the Ultimate version of the game. Choi can be seen changing his size at will to toss around his opponents and even shows the ability to grow to towering heights. You'll find his full reveal trailer after the jump below.

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When Atom is in its regular size, he can perform powerful moves. Aside from shrinking, he can also grow to a massive size and can crush his opponents with his big fist.