Jon Stewart visits 'Late Show' to defend President Trump but fails splendidly

Jon Stewart visits 'Late Show' to defend President Trump but fails splendidly

When Stewart admitted he "couldn't" say nice things about POTUS, he asked Colbert to step in as the positive speaker - but he, too, could only muster, "Donald Trump is not a cannibal". "Could I have more time?" The two comedy comrades made a decision to respond to a previous tweet from Donald Trump about not having equal time in comparison to late night host who criticize him. He later forced himself to say, "Given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee hole and Donald Trump being president..."

After Trump complained that he wasn't getting equal airtime on talk shows, Stephen Colbert granted his wish.

Elsewhere, Colbert cracked: "Last week, we learned that Donald Trump's own Secretary of State called him a 'fucking moron.' Not only is that an insult, he gave away Trump's Secret Service code name". Stewart fumed, tapping into his old Daily Show-style rage.

Stewart tried to defend the president as Colbert began to revise some of Trump's odd remarks from past days and the best praise that former "Daily Show" host could come up with was: "Donald Trump is not a cannibal". "I choose laaa-" Stewart said before being cut off by Colbert, who reminded him to be "positive".

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Stewart also recorded a quick web-exclusive video, in which he was inducted into The Late Show's "Trump Attacked Me on Twitter" Hall of Fame.

To that question Colbert had a hard, no.

Stewart declared: "Donald Trump is great to women".

But after watching Trump's recent visit with his military advisers, which he described to reporters as "the calm before the storm", Stewart could no longer bite his tongue. This is all the storm. And what kind of a sociopath would use that terminology when people are still literally cleaning up from storms?