NYC subway auto has troll poll for Knicks fans

NYC subway auto has troll poll for Knicks fans

Subway riders late Monday and early Tuesday saw the word "HOPELESS" plastered on the side of some cars, between pictures of the Knicks' Tim Hardaway Jr. and Joakim Noah, with an FS1 logo to the side, part of a campaign asking fans to "pick a side". Different reasons have been cited for the franchise to be considered "hopeless", and it also promotes the idea of not blaming current and former players for the lack of success the team has had the past few seasons.

Adam Zagoria of SNY reported on his blog that Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan had called Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp., which owns Fox, to complain about the ads.

Fox bosses found themselves "dealing with a shitstorm internally", an industry source told Zagoria. The ZagsBlog report indicated that Dolan's "wrath" produced quite a reaction at FOX and the presence of one ad that read "Nothing will change until Dolan sells the team" probably did not go a long way toward slowing his anger.

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Fox Sports responded by making it clear that the campaign was to allow fans to choose sides on who they think is at fault leading to the current state of the Knicks. Per an FS1 request, the ads will reportedly be taken down, reports ESPN's Darren Rovell. The Knicks haven't made the playoffs since the 2012-13 season and are a combined 117-201 over the past four seasons.

Still, this reminds one of the way lawyers, particularly the TV variety, ask questions they know the opposition will object to and the judge will ask the jury to ignore.