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Dem Reads Trump Tweets During Sessions Hearing

Dem Reads Trump Tweets During Sessions Hearing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions threw some cold water on the idea of appointing a special counsel to investigate various matters related to Hillary Clinton and Democrats, as some Republicans have called for.

Mr Sessions said he would review the requests for a prosecutor "fairly and expeditiously". That letter raised immediate concerns about the possible politicization of the DOJ because it seemed Sessions was willing to use right-wing talking points endorsed by the White House as grounds for a criminal probe into Clinton's time at the State Department. "The proliferation of special counsels in a political setting is very, very bad".

"I appreciate yesterday's letter saying you were considering appointing a special counsel that you sent to us", Jordan said.

"We will use the proper standards, and that's the only thing I can tell you Mr. Jordan", Sessions said.

It also comes a day after the Justice Department told the chair of the committee, Rep.

"Going back to look at issues we've already looked at - and some issues we're still looking at - what is that if not politics?" asked the official. I did not mean to suggest I was taking sides one way or the other on that subject, " he said.

Well, it's in the manual of the Department of Justice about what's required. FBI Director James Comey was sacked. Sessions would not say whether the dossier was used by the FBI to obtain warrants to surveil Trump associates, nor would he comment on any hypothetical investigation into Justice Department leaks to the media about the dossier.

We know the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, paid for, through the law firm, paid for the dossier [that alleges Trump-Russia ties]. "The American public deserves it!"

Fox News host tore into Sessions in private meeting with Trump

If Mr Sessions moves to appoint a special counsel to investigate the matters, it would be the second such investigation mounted in Mr Trump's first year in office.

Specifically, if the approval of the sale was linked to donations to the foundation and what role, if any, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played. A separate Clinton Foundation-related federal probe has been ongoing in Virginia, but its final disposition is still unclear, according to people familiar with the matter.

Listed among those issues was the sale of mining company Uranium One to Russian Federation and possible ties to The Clinton Foundation.

The department also confirmed that it was considering a special counsel to investigate the foundation of former president Bill Clinton, and its ties to companies involved in a deal that sold USA uranium rights to a Russian state company.

Former FBI chief, Robert Mueller, is now investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during the run-up to last year's election.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said he doubted there was any prosecutor appointment or assignment that would lead to Mueller stepping down.

What's it going to take to actually get a special counsel?

"That's what it looks like", he added, prompting Sessions reply. "You should never float the idea on your side, because when you float the idea, you are at least suggesting there's a possibility you may not be capable of doing the job yourself for ethical reasons".

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