EA is Considering Ditching Annual Sports Releases

EA is Considering Ditching Annual Sports Releases

In the interview, EA chief Andrew Wilson suggested the idea that in the future, EA might instead turn Federation Internationale de Football Association and Madden into a "365-day, live service", where players might pay either a subscription fee, or purchase DLC updates, to keep their version of the game relevant and up-to-date.

Even casual gamers likely have noticed the industry's shift away from physical releases and toward digital releases in recent years. What about EA's other sports titles?

If you pick up the new sports game release each year, EA might have a solution that is lighter on your wallet. Given the current trends of the video game industry, we could potentially see games like Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association one day based around subscription services, where players pay a monthly fee to receive consistent updates. Instead, the publisher is looking into the possibility of a subscription-based system replacing the annual releases, taking sports gaming in a whole new direction. He suggests that EA could one day begin to offer these games as a "365-day, live service", meaning that they'll be frequently updated to better emulate the sports leagues they're based on. Instead, they might only have to pay a regular fee in order to download and start playing new content. On PC, that subscription service takes the form of Origin Access, which costs $4.99 per month and allows gamers to play much of EA's library of games.

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"When we design a game that lives in a true streaming world, we have to think about screen size and session time", Wilson said. They all lean on the concept of releasing one game, which operates as a living entity that evolves over time through updates and patches, without the need for iterative full-game purchases from the consumer.

He added that with the streaming services, things have changed a lot, it has changed how people watch television and more. "How does that manifest on your 60-inch TV, an hour at a time".