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Important Information on the Ongoing Ontario College Strike

Important Information on the Ongoing Ontario College Strike

This vote is scheduled to take place from Tuesday, Nov. 14 to Thursday, Nov. 16 and OPSEU is advising its members to vote no and reject the colleges' offer.

Some 500,000 college students in Ontario have been out of class since October 16 because of the strike.

Although largely supportive of the move on the part of the government, Warren Smokey Thomas, the head of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union which represents the faculty, opined the, "government's plan to treat students fairly should be matched by moves by the colleges to treat faculty fairly".

"The contract offer put forward by the College Employer Council on November 6 is a bad one for faculty - and the students we teach". This includes students at St. Clair College, Fanshawe College and Lambton College.

The Ontario college strike, which has gone on for several weeks now, has left many students wondering what their academic year-when it ultimately reconvenes-will look like.

But the union says the offer contains "serious concessions" that were not agreed to, and which would erode faculty rights and contribute to an unsustainable staffing model.

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"We're a body of 1,000 students", Eckenswiler says. Key issues are wages and job security for contract faculty, as well as more input in academic decisions.

"When we look at how the colleges set up programs and how they continue to ensure programs are relevant, you need the input of your key stakeholders", including employers, industry representatives and graduates, she said.

"We are launching this site in response to the union's continued misrepresentation of the offer being voted on by faculty". The monies will be used to support students experiencing financial hardships because of the strike.

Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews has said the government wants to see students return to the classroom as quickly as possible.

"Nothing has been removed, nothing has been added that will negatively impact faculty - these are positive gains", she said.