IPhone X's Face ID fooled effortlessly by a 10 year old

IPhone X's Face ID fooled effortlessly by a 10 year old

Lots of people look like their parents. Sharing the experience how the family, which resides at Staten Island is the southernmost of New York City, discovered a loop hole in iPhone X face ID unlock feature, said that their 10-year-old son was checking out one of the two iPhone X, one was of his father and other was of his mother but without knowing which one was of his father's phone and mother's phone.

This is what a new video shows that features Sana Sherwani and her kid Ammar Malik. But in a shocker, a 10-year-old accidentally unlocked his mother's iPhone using his face which was not even registered in the phone.

IN WHAT might seem like a neverending list of bad news for the iPhone X, a 10-year-old in the U.S. appears to have been able to access his mum's phone due to a Face ID mismatch.

So if you have enough resemblance with your Family member that has the phone, there is 99% chance that you might hit one. However, she made a decision to further test things by registering all over again under indoor night-time lighting, similar to the first time. Some security researchers have already claimed to have fooled Face ID with 3D-printed masks. Reports says that the boy was able to unlock the phone because he picked up the phone for the first time.

Reviews of the phone widely noted issues with the feature, which uses infrared light to map users' faces and unlock the phone when the correct owner is looking at it.

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Did you manage to beat iPhone X Face ID?

We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update this article with a response. And that's it, easy access to the iPhone X with no fancy mask required. As their distinct facial features may not have fully developed, so they might unlock your phone easily.

The important part is that when Face ID fails to recognise the user beyond a limited threshold, and the user immediately enters their password, that time the TrueDepth camera takes another photo to improves its reliability.

In Less than a week after receiving the iPhone X on the 5th of November, they were able to byPass the Face ID! A video produced by the security firm Bkav shows Face ID being hacked by a mask.