Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

The onus of bearing the loss of the audacious robbery at Bank of Baroda's Juinagar branch in Navi Mumbai on the outskirts of India's financial capital is set to fall on the 30-odd customers whose lockers were prised open by the robbers.

The robbery is believed to have taken place at a branch of Bank of Baroda in the Juninagar area near Navi Mumbai early Sunday. This shop housing private lockers rented out to people for safe keeping of valuable and documents.

Officials said that about 237 lockers, 30 lockers were found open.

According to local police, thieves dug a tunnel under the Navi Mumbai bank, broke into 30 lockers and stole valuables worth Rs 5-6 crore. Their modus operandi - digging a tunnel through an adjacent shop, much like in Shawshank Redemption where the protagonist stages a prison-break by digging a tunnel.

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The Bank of Baroda branch occupies shops one to four in Bhakti Residency, opposite Juinagar Railway Station in Sector 11, with the fourth shop housing the ATM cubicle and locker room. The culprits have dug an underground tunnel of 25 feet long to the locker room of the bank.

The bank, incidentally, had not installed CCTV cameras in the locker room to protect the customer's privacy. It is required to be factored in by security agencies manning such banks, said a police officer. "We have got clues about the accused and our teams are working on them", Assistant police inspector (Turbhe division) Mr. Kiran Patil said.

Anxious customers gathered outside the bank on Monday morning. "I came to keep a mangalsutra in the bank, and found that my locker was broken into". In most other cases, bank locker facilities are said to be "unavailable" for regular customers.