Marquette stores preparing for Black Friday

Marquette stores preparing for Black Friday

But UK retailers have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years thanks to the likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart-owned Asda, so bargain-hunters over here get the chance at some festive deals. CR has already weighed in on the Black Friday deals at Best Buy, Costco, Dell, BJ's, Target, and Walmart.

"Some of the would-be Black Friday specials are now offered in early November", said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz in the release.

A lot of the big retailers - including Amazon - get involved in the big discount eventWhat is Black Friday?

But since you can save at Target well in advance of Cyber Monday, here's a look at some deals available at the mega United States retailer right now.

The Minnesota-based company announced its stores will be open from 6 midnight Thanksgiving Day, and will reopen at 6 a.m. on Black Friday this year.

Cyber Monday Hero are a team of deal analysts who compare the most popular Cyber Monday and Black Friday products on sale each year. What is Black Friday and why should you pay attention to it in 2017?

Black Friday Facts Retailers Don't Want You To Know

"By staying open for 30 straight hours (through 11 p.m. on Friday), it allows customers to choose when they would most prefer to shop with us - and we do see customers come in at all hours during Black Friday", Taylor O'Donnell, a Toys "R" Us spokeswoman, wrote in an e-mail. How, you ask? People started noticing the fact that the internet is one of the best ways to save money while spending it, especially if you can plan what you will need in the next few months. "It also shows that Black Friday is not as important as it once was".

Many consumers have experienced frustration and lost money they can not afford to lose after being lured in by prices too good to be true.

In order to guarantee these prices, "eBay works closely with our sellers to source top-quality and in-demand deals at the best prices available", Jesse Kiefer, Director and General Manager of eBay Deals, explained to Fortune in a statement. That can mean the only way to benefit from the discount is if you are at the front of the lineup outside the store. Unofficially, Black Friday marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season to our south.

Whether or not any other stores decide to reverse course and open on Thanksgiving Day remains to be seen, but it is a very individual decision for each retailer. Call your credit card company days prior, making sure you have enough credit for your purchases. Before you pick your favorite site, the BBB recommends that consumers find a reputable site and check them out at Are we getting distracted from our festivities due to us chasing "amazing" deals on products we are standing in line for?

Many retailers will offer a special reduction, deal or sale on their online store on Cyber Monday only applicable to items bought online.

Read the return policy - Make sure that you understand whether you will be able to exchange or return an item that is not what you expected.

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