Nintendo to Boost Produce Between 25 and 30 Million Switches Next Year

Nintendo to Boost Produce Between 25 and 30 Million Switches Next Year

But according to a new report, Nintendo is preparing to react to rampant demand for the console in a big way by massively upping its supply. That's because the Japanese gaming giant is now working on a plan to significantly increase production of the system.

This week, people familiar with Nintendo's plans told the Wall Street Journal that the company is hoping to produce and ship between 25 million and 30 millions Switch units in the next fiscal year, which begins in April 2018. The recent launch of Super Mario Odyssey will certainly help Nintendo's efforts heading into the holiday season. Currently, Nintendo's projections for the fiscal year are to sell 14 million Switch units, though the increased production of the system for next fiscal year could change depending on how well the system performs during the upcoming holiday season (and the Switch's first holiday season).

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Sales figures to this point likely would have been even higher had inventory shortages not occurred. "We will be shipping roughly 10 million units during the second half of the fiscal year, meaning we will manufacture more than 10 million units, requiring very large production numbers every month". Sony's console, which launched alongside the Xbox One in November 2013, has already eclipsed 60 million units sold and continued to sell at a pace much greater than Xbox One but somewhat off Switch's throughout 2017.