Sydney Gets its Ferry McFerryface

Sydney Gets its Ferry McFerryface

In March 2016, the naming of a polar research vessel was put to an online public vote which finished with more than 16,500 votes for the amusing designation - and a vote this month for the name of a new ferry in Sydney has ended in a similar fashion.

Sydney has a name for the newest yellow vessel traversing the inner-harbour: Ferry McFerryface.

The name was voted on by hundreds of Sydneysiders in a competition which allowed the public to be part of maritime history.

The name was picked by Sydneysiders through the Name Your Ferry competition, which solicited votes and suggestions from the internet at large (never a good idea).

"Ferry McFerryface will be the harbour's newest icon, and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike", he said.

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But "this one is for the kids" Mr Constance reiterated on Monday.

The newly-christened Ferry McFerryface will join three other ferries named in the competition, called Victor Change, Catherine Hamlin and Fred Hollows. The original Boaty McBoatface was even renamed the Sir David Attenborough after officials said the public's choice was unsuitable.

The newest ferry in the Sydney fleet has the ability to carry 400 passengers, has improved accessibility for people wityh disabilities and comes with extra luggage room and charging stations for electronic devices. Since then, an express train in Sweden was reportedly named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse in Sydney was named Horsey McHorseface previous year.

The joke continued in Australia and Boaty McBoatFace topped the Sydney poll, but because it was already being used, organisers chose the runner up, Ferry McFerryFace.