Xbox One X surpasses PlayStation 4 Pro first-week sales in UK

Xbox One X surpasses PlayStation 4 Pro first-week sales in UK

According to industry analyst, the Xbox One X sold over 80,000 units in its first week, selling more in one week than the 50,000 consoles the PlayStation 4 Pro sold in November 2016, its own launch month.

When GIBiz a bit more into the sales figure of PlayStation 4 Pro, it was brought to our notice that PlayStation 4 Pro took a total of 4 Weeks to reach the figure of 80000 units. Xbox One X raw data is at 67,000), though, again, it must be noted that stock issues also impacted the Switch's first-week performance.

The Xbox One X has been marketed much more heavily as a true high-end 4K machine than the PS4 Pro was - and with its own UHD Blu-Ray drive and the edge on 4K updates for existing games, it has a slightly better claim to that title.

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Microsoft's original Xbox One was released in late 2013 alongside Sony's PS4, which it quickly fell behind in terms of sales thanks to the console's disastrous unveiling and the company's decision to back-peddle on a number of key decisions it had made.

Most of the units sold belong to Project Scorpio, a limited edition that has left fans of the Xbox brand highly enthusiastic and eager to ensure its limited drive.

Due to its large £450 price tag it's unlikely Xbox One X will continue to sell well like Nintendo Switch did, but the week one figures are still a strong start for Microsoft. Did you pick up an Xbox One X during launch week?