Delayed iPhone X launch hurt global iPhone share, Kantar says

Delayed iPhone X launch hurt global iPhone share, Kantar says

Google has finally upgraded Gmail and Google Maps on iOS to support the new iPhone X that went on sale last month, featuring a 5.8-inch Super Retina bezel-less display with its infamous "notch" on top. Apart from the iPhone X support, this new update also lets the user add third-party mail accounts to the app via IMAP, a feature that has been available on its Android counterpart for the last few years.

Kantar says that the drop was inevitable, but still puts pressure on Apple ...

Apple launched the iPhone X in the beginning of November, instead of in September when it launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Unfortunately, this lack of consumer interest towards other devices resulted in Apple dropping a few percentage points in the US for its market share but now that the iPhone X is officially here, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Apple released iOS 11 back in September, but its adoption rate has been slower compared to iOS 10, which launched previous year. "Considering the complete overhaul that the iPhone X offers, consumers may be postponing their purchase decisions until they can test the iPhone X and decide whether the higher price, compared to the iPhone 8, is worth the premium to them".

Apple did pick up a 0.5% market share gain in China to total 17.4%. In the three months to end October, the top five brands of Huawei, Xiaomo, Apple, Vivo, and Oppo made up 91 percent of sales, compared to 79 percent the year earlier.

Samsung's performance in China continues to deteriorate, with its share now down to just 2.2 percent.