Destiny 2's The Dawning Event Adds Snowball Fights, Mayhem Mode, And More

Destiny 2's The Dawning Event Adds Snowball Fights, Mayhem Mode, And More

The latest shooter from Bungie is kicking off its own celebration with theDestiny 2 "The Dawning" event. Much like Destiny's Festival of the Lost (aka Halloween), the event is a recurring yearly event to add some seasonal content for the fanbase.

New sets of armor will be available from Eververse just in time for The Dawning.

As for when the Dawning event will draw to a close, the event is now due to end on January 9, giving you right around four weeks in total to obtain all the new items in the event (which we'll get onto further down). On top of this, if there's a specific item in the Dawning event that you want, you'll be able to purchase it from Tess Everis using Bright Dust, whose items will include ships, sparrows, and Ghost shells. Craft these and give the resulting gifts to their respective NPCs across Destiny 2's solar system and you'll get a gift in return in an activity that'll be repeatable every day.

The Dawning begins in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and ends Tuesday, Jan. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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We briefly mentioned the new Dawning Engrams, and it turns out there'll be a brand new weekly Milestone for you to undertake, in order to unlock a Dawning Engram. Also new for The Dawning is the return of the Crucible's Mayhem mode, which is not holiday-themed but who cares.

Are you excited to peg some Vex/Cabal/Fallen in the face with a snowball? Things take a wintry theme at the Farm and the Tower as players will be able to throw snowballs at each other, while in Strikes enemies can be stunned and damaged by snowballs. Stay frosty out there.

As Bungie mentioned, Mayhem mode will be coming back to Crucible. It's anarchy-and it's awesome. Not unlike Christmas, The Dawning is based on the idea of gift giving and games - however, this is focused more on celebrating the Light that fuels Guardians.

Players can also receive gifts by giving them out with the Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar.