Free 6-Month Netflix Subscription For Every Samsung Chromebook Or Pixelbook

Free 6-Month Netflix Subscription For Every Samsung Chromebook Or Pixelbook

The offer is based on Netflix's awkwardly titled "Two Screens at a Time Streaming Plan" which costs $10.99 a month, bringing the total saving to a tasty $65.94.

Google and Netflix are offering a deal for Pixelbook and Chromebook shoppers.

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As these devices are automatically kept up to date, the Chromebook owners also do not have to worry about installing the latest virus protection.If you recently purchased a Chromebook Pro/Plus or a Pixelbook, head to on that machine and redeem the offer before December 31st.

For users outside the United States, it seems like the offer can be redeemed against Netflix accounts in other countries, although this isn't mentioned in the T&Cs. That lets your household stream two 1080p high definition streams at a time. This will allow them to buy apps from the store or pay for subscriptions. According to the terms, it appears as though if you are already a Netflix subscriber, you can apply the offer to your existing account, even if you have a different plan than the one stated above. Google also includes 100GB of Drive storage for two years, 90 days of Google Play Music, a free auto pack for Asphalt 8, and, for Chromebook Plus and Pro Owners, $20 of Google Play credit. If you subscribe to the $13.99-per-month 4 Screens + UltraHD plan, then you get four free months (plus a discount on the fifth). A Google Play gift card here, a few hundred gigabytes of Drive storage there, it's all been done. Anyone copping a Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus can get six free months of Netflix.