ICE Arrests in US Rose by 42% in 2017

ICE Arrests in US Rose by 42% in 2017

Tom Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said illegal border crossings are at a 45-year low because President Donald Trump has taken border security seriously.

But the numbers for his first fiscal year in office are in, and the president is well below his mark.

Following Trump's order, the data shows deportations of undocumented immigrants arrested in the interior of the country increased during the 2017 fiscal year by 25 percent to 81,603, from 65,332 in the prior year, the Washington Post reported.

But ICE also took into account in a press release announcing the numbers that there was a 40 percent jump in removals since President Donald Trump took office on January 20 when compared to the previous fiscal year.

ICE said that in Colorado and Wyoming, 2,746 people were arrested and 2,535 were removed from the the 2017 fiscal year, which ran from October 1 of last year through September 30 of this year.

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That's a 6 percent drop from President Barack Obama's previous year in office.

Part of the reason why the Trump administration hasn't been able to deport as many people as it would like is bureaucratic: According to the Washington Post, immigration courts are now facing a backlog of 630,000 cases, three times as many as there were in 2009.

"We arrested more criminals this year than last year", Homan said. Arrests were up 20 percent over the same period, from 2,284 in 2016.

A case of a Border Patrol being supposedly "ambushed" by migrants made headlines in late November.