Instagram Combats Animal Cruelty By Banning Selfies With Exotic Animals

Instagram Combats Animal Cruelty By Banning Selfies With Exotic Animals

WAP chief executive Steve McIvor said: "We congratulate Instagram on taking this important step towards educating its users about wild animals that are suffering for selfies".

Instagram announced Monday that it is adding content warnings to selfies that include tigers, koalas and other wildlife.

"You are searching for a hashtag that may be associated with posts that encourage harmful behavior to animals or to the environment", the warning reads in part, alongside a link to more information about wildlife exploitation. Animal abuse and the sale of endangered animals or their parts are not allowed on Instagram.

Many of them are illegally taken from the wild or away from their mothers to serve as selfie bait for tourists, and are often kept in appalling conditions.

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"We care about our community, including the animals and the wildlife that are an important part of the platform", Instagram spokeswoman Emily Cain told National Geographic.

Facebook's photo-sharing app on Tuesday began singling out hashtags like #SlothSelfie and #koalaSelfie, alerting users with pop-up messages that exotic animals appearing in tourist photo-ops are often subjected to abuse. Plus, all these pay-to-post images kinda normalize grabbing any animal and snapping a pic-like in this horrifying story of idiots murdering a baby dolphin for Insta, or this woman who killed a swan for a selfie.

Taking a selfie with a wild animal and uploading it to social media may seem like a harmless thing to do.

Instagram doesn't plan on revealing all of the hashtags associated with the message so that users can stumble upon it during their searches.