Pokemon GO Gets 50 New Monsters And An Intense Weather System

Pokemon GO Gets 50 New Monsters And An Intense Weather System

Reuters/ Kim Kyung-HoonNew study connects over 100,000 vehicle accidents to application game "Pokemon GO".

The fact that Niantic made a decision to incorporate the real-life weather into Pokemon Go's gameplay demonstrates that game developers continue to push boundaries even more.

Niantic plans to release these updates in two individual parts.

The main games have had weather dynamics before, but it's all digital - you're not actually out in the rain for hours to capture that Pokemon you really want. This weather change will also influence the characteristics of Pokemon whose behavior changes with the weather.

"For the first time in an augmented reality mobile game, the real-world weather will now be a factor in the gameplay experience".

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We are not sure which new Pokemon are appearing later this week, but Niantic has at least mentioned the three Gen 3 starters (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip). The app will start tracking your local weather, and then insert the weather conditions into the game. For example, your Charizard's Fire Spin will pack more of a punch when it's sunny outside.

Though trading and PVP battles were still on the company's overall "to-do list", Bhargava pointed out that it might take a while before the features get added into the game since Niantic still has to properly investigate the feasibility of the features.

If it's raining outside, Pokemon GO will drizzle; on a bright summer's day, the sun will beam shine in-game - and so forth. But from now on, Pokemon GO players will need to get a little more hardcore if they want to catch 'em all. Rather than releasing all 130 Hoenn Pokemon all at once, Niantic has chose to introduce this generation's Pokemon incrementally.

Some quality of life updates are also being thrown into the game.