See astronauts throw a pizza party in space

See astronauts throw a pizza party in space

This pizza party by NASA Astronauts at the International Space Station was literally out of the world!

While pizza in space (that should be a full-length motion picture) sounds exciting, these pies don't actually look all that appetizing. It's almost impossible to find a pizzeria that offers this type of ambiance back on Earth.

NASA sent Nespoli and the crew pizza ingredients in November as part of a cargo-delivery mission to the International Space Station, helped by aerospace company Orbital ATK, which launched the rocket that carried the supplies.

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Randy Bresnik, fellow astronaut and member of the Expedition 53, uploaded a video of the entire pizza-making process that lasted a minute long, entitled, "Pizza in Space: A Cosmic Collaboration". Getting to investigate space seems pretty darn cool, but the experience arises with many sacrifices. Sure, time away from family must be rough, but one of the most heartbreaking losses is having to leave delicious pizza behind on Earth. Curious about how delicious they tasted?

According to news, ingredients for the pizza as well as an ice cream truck were launched into space on Sunday morn from Virginia, USA.