Spotify's '2017 Wrapped' Tells You About Your Listening Habits This Past Year

Spotify's '2017 Wrapped' Tells You About Your Listening Habits This Past Year

The time has come to feel mildly embarrassed by yourself - Spotify has unveiled its annual "Your 2017 Wrapped" feature.

Spotify on Tuesday released Wrapped, its breakdown of your music consumption in the past year.

Once connected to 2017 Wrapped with your Spotify account, you'll see how many minutes of music you have listened to as well as how many songs, artists, and genres.

The website then quizzes you to see if you know your own musical tastes. Then the system asks, "Do you really know who your top artist of the year was?" You read that right...you can stop asking your friends for song advice, Spotify has got you covered!

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The streaming giant also released data on platform-wide performance: Ed Sheeran was Spotify's most-streamed artist in 2017, followed by Drake, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar.

As a reward, you'll get a playlist collecting together all your top tracks of the year - a pretty fail-safe choice if you're suddenly too lazy to put together one for your New Year's Eve party.

Check out 2017 Wrapped here, and share the handy image summarising your 2017 music taste, if you dare. We don't blame you if you skip that step.