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Alarm as wolf escapes from wildlife sanctuary

Alarm as wolf escapes from wildlife sanctuary

Thames Valley Police (TVP) officers are on patrol in Beenham after a wolf escaped from a West Berkshire animal sanctuary.

Officers are advising members of the public not to approach the wolf if they see it.

The wolf broke out of the Wolf Conservation Trust's base in the area, after that little windy spell damaged some fencing.

Officers were outside Beenham School this morning to ensure children arrived safely and have advised members of the public not to approach the wolf. They'll remember this day for the rest of their lives and will shit themselves when they see an Alsation for ever more.

Armed police from the Thames Valley force were deployed and worked with sanctuary staff to try to find the 11-year-old male wolf, Torak.

It is believed that high winds damaged the cage last night, allowing the beast to escape.

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Sian Champkin, whose husband works at Elstree School in Woolhampton, says students can not leave the building.

But staff at the sanctuary said this afternoon that there were no breaches of the barriers. The remaining wolves were born at the sanctuary.

There were a number of sightings at various locations as far as ten miles away from the wolf's sanctuary. The sanctuary has been there for years, we all support it and even the school kids have an emblem of a wolf on their jumpers. "I am sure they [the sanctuary] have got protocols in place for dealing with this sort of thing when it occurs".

Teresa Palmer, founder of the wolf trust, said the wolves are routinely padlocked into enclosures.

Founded in 1995, the sanctuary now has 10 wolves from the Artic and Northwestern breeds, living in four packs.