Assassin's Creed Origins Story DLC Release Dates Revealed

Assassin's Creed Origins Story DLC Release Dates Revealed

We've known that The Hidden Ones would be heading to Assassin's Creed Origins - which will be the title's first piece of DLC that expands the story - Ubisoft have now confirmed that it will drop on January 23, 2018 and also confirmed the DLC that will follow its launch.

Ubisoft has announced release dates for the first three Assassin's Creed Origins DLC expansions. The expansion increases the level cap to 45 and introduces two new legendary weapons, a new outfit, two new mounts, and multiple new weapons to the game. The expansion will come with new outfits, gear, and weapons, all themed around classic Egyptian mythology, and will raise the level cap to 55. If you don't have a season's pass for Assassin's Creed Origins, you can buy the DLC separately for $9.99 on January 23, 2018.

Finally, The Curse of the Pharaohs will be released on March 6, 2018.

The release dates for Assassin's Creed Origins' next two story DLCs have been revealed alongside the launch date for the Discovery Tour mode.

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DLC 2 - The Curse of the Pharaohs: This new expansion offers players a completely new storyline to delve into as they travel to Thebes to investigate an ancient curse that is plaguing the region. The season pass, costing $39.99, also includes the Horus Pack and Roman Centurion Pack, a legendary weapon, and 500 Helix credits. The tours are a cool idea where you'll be lead through Egypt by historians and Egyptologists as you learn about this ancient world. The story revolves around the fact that the Brotherhood is growing in numbers. No wording on the price point for the pack, but players can hop into Assassin's Creed Origins now and check out the pack.

THE MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT: Discover lost tombs, the Great Pyramids, mummies, and the gods. A reinvented combat system allows players to experience a completely new way to battle as they master a variety of weapons with different characteristics and rarities to defeat challenging enemies and unique bosses. That expansion seems to put the Romans aside and instead focuses on Egyptian mythology with a new storyline for the game.

MEANINGFUL QUESTS Play intense stories with impactful objectives at your own pace. "Discovery Tour" is taking this one step further and turns the entire game into an educational tour of ancient Egypt.

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