IKEA ad requires pregnant women to urinate for a discount

IKEA ad requires pregnant women to urinate for a discount

Yes, I'm aware of the vices of capitalism/consumerism but isn't it just liberating when finally find something that you were specifically looking for?

The subject of urination comes up more frequently in advertisements than you might think.

Hopefully they remove this page before reading the rest of the magazine, though. The result is a small box that contains the pregnancy test, so anyone who tries this at home needs to take careful aim. If the person whose urine is applied to the ad is pregnant, a discounted "Ikea family price" will appear, entitling them to buy a Sundvik crib for less than the standard amount. So, lucky you gets to experience one of life's biggest moments with a Swedish retail giant!

I know it might sound gross but it has created quite a splash (pun intended)!

Swedish retailer IKEA is issuing pregnancy tests on magazine ads to promote a special offer on their furniture.

'Peeing on this may change your life': Ikea advert doubles as free pregnancy test and discount voucher

The ad which is running is running in Amelia magazine is brought together in association Mercene Labs that developed the tech behind it.

The concept works in basically the same way as a traditional pregnancy test, reacting to hCG hormone, which is found in pregnant women. I mean, what's not to like?

"The reaction has been overwhelming, and inspired us to continue surprising and entertaining with the "where life happens" campaign", Ikea's Östman concluded.

Another said: "All the respect for IKEA for putting out free pregnancy tests but like".

IDEA Exec 1: Too creepy. Not to mention, the eyeballs.

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