Instagram Will Soon Let Users Post Stories Directly to WhatsApp

Instagram Will Soon Let Users Post Stories Directly to WhatsApp

Tech Crunch is reporting that the story will appear as a "WhatsApp Status" where your photos, videos and GIFs can be posted with encryption.

A post on Instagram Stories (left) shared directly to WhatsApp Status (right).

Instagram Stories, by design a clone of Snapchat's once defining feature, have been rapidly growing in popularity ever since their introduction back in March, 2017. It will allow companies to make much better use of their Instagram stories by also promoting them on their Facebook page, an option previously not available. According to reports, Facebook is now testing a similar thing between Instagram and WhatsApp. The number of combined users on both these platforms is nearly twice the size of Snapchat, which now has around 173 million daily active users.

Well, Instagram is now testing this feature with a small number of users, and, there's no word on when it will be rolled out to all the users around the world.

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When Instagram users press the "add to Story" button, they will see a new menu, with the option to share Snapchat-like Stories to WhatsApp. Conversely, it also could spell one more way to destabilize Snapchat and potentially any other app that has any lesser infrastructure to keep your content getting seen by the people you know, whatever app they happen to be using. Would you like to have a feature on Instagram which would let you post Instagram Stories directly on WhatsApp as a WhatsApp Status? The record was set despite the messaging app being down for over an hour around the world.

The first of all is to make it more functional and give more usage to Instagram Stories, and directly affecting the usage of the Snapchat product they were created to clone. Facebook now wants to give it a try with Whatsapp, which has a more active user base.

Together, this could all help Facebook grow its overall engagement and traffic footprint.