LG to launch mobile payment system in U.S. by June

LG to launch mobile payment system in U.S. by June

Apple Pay on the other hand is supported in 25 countries and regions. When it arrives, however, it may not be LG Pay, but rather LG Wallet, in something of an unusual twist from established norms. This means, like Samsung Pay, LG Pay will be compatible with every retailer that can swipe a credit card. The mobile payment system launched in LG's backyard last June has not been available anywhere else. While Samsung uses Magnetic Secure Transmission technology (MST), LG uses Wireless Magnetic Communication (WMC) technology. LG isn't exactly a major brand name in smartphones in the United States, and so that may ultimately limit its ability to compete.

Google announced this week the company will combine the ways consumers can pay with Google, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into one brand-Google Pay.

Currently, LG Pay only works on premium devices but this year they will be expanding to the K10 smartphone and their other mid-range devices. However, LG has now confirmed that the LG Pay service will be heading to the June this year.

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The article doesn't mention Canadian availability, so for the time being the most interesting component of the report, from a Canadian perspective, is a sentence that comes towards the end.

If Yonhap News Agency's coverage is accurate, this confirms some of the same information that we recently found on the (presumably) accidental release of LG Pay on the Play Store, in the description of which the LG G7 was referenced.

Also like Samsung, LG is planning to expand LG Pay's, or LG Wallet's, compatibility to its mid-range devices like the K series phones. Not only does it have to compete with Samsung in South Korea, but its market penetration in the USA is meager compared to Samsung and Google.

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