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Pinal County officials: 8 have died from flu, more than 1000 cases

Pinal County officials: 8 have died from flu, more than 1000 cases

Officials say the province of Saskatchewan has already hit its peak for flu season this year.

"Unfortunately, I'm not sure that they guessed too well this year since we are seeing so much", Grayson said. "(The man) was 77; he'd been sick for a week.

Three of the deaths had occurred within the span of a day on Wednesday, said Hong Kong authorities in a press release.

Parkland Hospital in Dallas has seen nearly 1,000 people coming to their emergency department seeking treatment.

"People are in more cramped quarters", he said. This prompted them to encourage the public to get vaccinated. "The flu survives in drier air".

Tarrant County has also reported three deaths due to the flu, making it nearly 30 people who have died from the influenza virus in North Texas.

Minnesota says 1,765 people have been hospitalized for the flu since October 2017, the highest number for this point in four years.

The youngest people to die in Travis County from flu so far this season were in their 50s. "So, about two weeks after getting the flu shot, your body has developed an immune response". "Not a different strain, but it's a different type", said Dr. Dan Quan.

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You also DON'T need to visit anyone in the hospital if you have a runny nose - cough - sore throat or fever. You can go into cardiac arrhythmia, which can kill you. WakeMed said it has been fortunate enough to maintain a system-wide supply during this nasty flu season.

Influenza is now classified as "widespread" in both Iowa and Minnesota.

"The health department does track school absenteeism due to flu-like symptoms", Ms. Hall said. There were also seven flu-related deaths recorded. It is not doctor diagnosed. "It is too early for us to know what the flu vaccine effectiveness is for the USA, and we can't make predictions based on what happened in other countries like Australia because it's not an equal comparison".

"Basically, everyone 6 months and older needs a flu shot", Villarreal said.

The Scott County Health Department does not give flu shots to the general public.

The flu bug hasn't gone dormant, but Saskatchewan isn't experiencing a "pandemic" either.

Dean recommends people who have the flu practice good hand-washing, stay home from work and don't send children to school sick. "Anyone who has got the flu virus should try to avoid spreading it".

Trinity Medical Center did not respond to requests for comment.