Samsung Unveils The Wall

Samsung Unveils The Wall

The Wall is possibly the first large television from this or any brand to, supposedly, come equipped with a technology called modular Micro LED, in which LEDs on the display can be lit up individually with colors appearing more vibrant than ever before and with flawless infinite contrast due to a complete lack of backlight technology.

The 4K OLED display looks like a normal TV screen, but the back has small vertical slats which allow it to roll.

Meanwhile Korean compatriot Samsung's 2018 QLED televisions will come with the Bixby Assistant built in, and access to Samsung's SmartThings platform.

The company unveiled its 146-inch television screen "The Wall" this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics spoke to the gathered crowd at CES: "At Samsung, we are dedicated to providing consumers with a wide range of cutting-edge screen experiences".

The huge model on display is 4K, but the use of MicroLED technology means that each display can adapt to a different size, resolution or form.

Samsung's 146-inch TV is appropriately named the company calls it The Wall
Samsung's 146-inch TV is appropriately named the company calls it The Wall

It is a self-emitting TV with micrometer scale LEDs - which are much smaller than current LEDs, and serve as their own source of light.

Other key specs of "The Wall" include a full HDR support package with inclusion of full DCI-P3 wide color gamut and some essentially ideal contrast, with total black levels where needed alongside spectacularly high peak brightness as we'd mentioned above.

Unlike traditional LED-based LCD TVs, which use a liquid crystal layer and an LED backlight, MicroLED uses an array of millions of individual, tiny LEDs to create the image. With Cinema Screen Samsung claims a brightness of about 500 nits, half that of its standard HDR TVs and lower than OLED. Samsung has broken through the problems faced by the industry when it comes to such large screen sizes.

The Wall Street Journal web edition highlighted the two products as well, picking them as among the best of CES 2018.

Amazon's voice AI Alexa managed to dominate the entire event by being integrated into so many devices than you could probably count. However, this is the first step in the technology and will pave the way for the future and maybe one day the technology will become common and will be affordable to all.

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