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Traps set to relocate family of bears invading Naples neighborhood

Traps set to relocate family of bears invading Naples neighborhood

"It was just as scary as you can imagine", Meunier told WZVN. "I tried to run and wasnt fast enough".

He added: 'Truthfully, I'm not sure how I got out alive.

He's still trying to piece together his memories of the bear attack that left him with 41 stitches across his face.

Meunier walked outside and saw a 4-foot-tall bear standing next to him. "It could've been a totally different story", said Meunier.

A promise to trap the bear and ward off further encroachment: But a realistic goal?


Now a trap outside of Meunier's apartment hopes to lure in the bears with food.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is now attempting to capture the bear that attacked Meunier as well as any other bears in the area, the Palm Beach Post reported. He noted that he'd seen several bears around the neighborhood before.

Naples resident Andy Meunier is lucky to be alive after a chance encounter with a black bear outside his home on Tuesday.

'Any bear to me is big, but I have to say this one here is probably between 250 to 300 pounds, ' Kirk Amerine told WFTX. It was very bad and she came downstairs wondering where I was...

The bear was not a stranger to him.

This is the first bear attack with injuries that has occurred in South Florida since 1970.

Welcome to the ongoing dilemma, where bears are now finding themselves forced to "explore" man's own backyard, as its own natural habitat continues to be eradicated with man's passing over-reach....