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University Professors Sign Letter in Support of Obama Center Benefits Agreement

University Professors Sign Letter in Support of Obama Center Benefits Agreement

We would be pleased to support the Obama Center if the plan genuinely promoted economic development in our neighborhoods and respected our precious public urban parks. Museum and library buildings will be joined by a space called the "Forum", where, according to the former U.S. president, "anybody can come together for some local programming, or to gather for larger-scale events in an auditorium, maybe record something in a broadcast studio, or just have a bite to eat".

The project will also annex more than 20 acres from Jackson Park, an urban park on the National Register of Historic Places designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architects who designed Central Park.

What that means - according to the letter - is that while IL taxpayers will be responsible for financing at least a portion of the construction of the Obama Center, if and when money comes in from tourists visiting the center and paying for parking, the state will not see a return on that investment.

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Here's the most important thing: Michelle and I want this Center to be more than a building or a museum. What happens to Olmsted's vision for Jackson Park will now be determined by a federal review, the city of Chicago and the Obamas. The Obama Center destroys a historic park:Second, the current plan calls for taking a large section of an historic public park and giving it to a private entity for development. A two-level athletic center includes basketball courts (for playing the president's favorite sport) alongside workout rooms and multipurpose space. They have to date rejected many pleas of neighborhood groups to place the garage underground.

A parking lot, of course, privileges cars and those who can afford them.

"Parking is expensive, and though public lands are being given away, all the profits from this parking lot will go to the Obama Foundation", the letter says. That's the most vital aspect of the Obama Presidential Center - creating spaces for people to connect and collaborate, to take home a piece of what you've learned together. According to the letter, infrastructure improvements related to the project will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The required widening of Lake Shore Drive alone is estimated to be over $100 million. We are concerned that these are not the best ways to use public funds to invest in the future of Chicago.