US Gives $2B To Help Homeless Amid Plans To Cut Housing Aid

US Gives $2B To Help Homeless Amid Plans To Cut Housing Aid

On Thursday, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced it was sending $83.2 million to Florida to support 327 groups helping the homeless across the Sunshine State.

The funding is part of a record $2 billion being awarded to more than 7,300 local housing and service programs nationwide.

Homelessness has risen this winter, with more people being listed without a permanent address.

CoC grants support nonprofits, as well as state and local governments in rehousing homeless individuals and families, and support self-sufficiency among homeless individuals and families.

"Our local partners are to be commended for their commitment and ongoing efforts to address homelessness", she said.

The total awards in the Continuum of Care program is the most ever, though only slightly above collective grants of more than $1.9 billion in the last few years.

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Across the country, HUD has launched "Continuums of Care" composed of volunteers trying to count the homeless population.

Last month, HUD reported homelessness crept up in the US, especially among individuals experiencing long-term chronic homelessness.

HUD annually provides one to two rounds of funding to end homelessness through the CoC program, called the Emergency Solutions Grant and the HUD CoC competitions. Meanwhile, the report found, homelessness among families with children declined 5.4 percent nationwide.

At least 553,742 people in the USA experienced at least one night of homelessness previous year, according to HUD. Also, veteran homelessness decreased 4 percent from January 2016 and decreased 21 percent since 2010.

In Florida, there were nearly 32,200 people who experienced homelessness past year, a decline of 4 percent. Family homelessness increased by 4 percent.