YouTube Puts Logan Paul Film On Hold, Removes Him From Preferred Program

YouTube Puts Logan Paul Film On Hold, Removes Him From Preferred Program

Further, the video streaming platform said that the action of one creator could have an impact on the entire community, and that they will soon share details about the steps that they will take to ensure that such videos are not circulated in the future.

In the video, Paul showed the body hanging from a tree.

The video was posted and titled "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest" while the thumbnail of which was of Paul standing next to a blurred out dead body. The video's thumbnail also included an image of the body. The video received immediate backlash across the internet, with many noting that a chunk of Paul's following in Youtube are minors.

Despite trying to make amends on more than one occasion, Logan Paul managed to become the comic book villain literally.

The punishment for Paul is sure to be closely watched by media buyers and advertisers, who buy on YouTube's Preferred platform in part to ensure that their ads are being placed next to premium content that is brand-safe and will reach key audience groups. The newly announced actions appear to be those consequences.

"Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently". The video drew swift condemnation from other YouTubers and public figures, and Paul removed it after a few hours.

YouTube has chosen to police its creators more than ever before after last year's ad-pocalypse, which began as advertisers pulled their ads from YouTube after learning some ran in front of extremist and offensive content.

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The company said in a statement that it has removed Paul's channels from the Google Preferred advertising system and will not feature him in the new season of the web series "Foursome".

As a result, whether or not The Thinning: A New World Order will launch is still unclear.

What do you think of YouTube's decision?

But some of the YouTube community felt that the streamer hadn't done enough. YouTube also gave his channel a strike (3 strikes in a 3-month period means YouTube could terminate the account).

Google told partners that it plans to use both human moderators - the company recently announced it will have 10,000 employees focused on the task - as well as artificial intelligence software to flag videos deemed inappropriate for ads.

However, that didn't satisfy the masses who were metaphorically calling for Paul's head.